The Masthead format can be static or dynamic and can be delivered by Netaddiction ADV in Full Redirect or site served.

All creativities, tracking pixels or redirect tags must be provided in https. Any NON-https materials will be excluded from delivery.

The materials must be sent to [email protected] with the Netaddiction reference Sales Account in CC at least 3 days before the start of the campaign.

Technical Specs

Format GIF, JPG, HTML5
Size (px) 970 x 250 o 920 x 270
Maximum Weight 150 KB
Video Optional
Notes In video version, AUDIO OFF, AUTOPLAY

Link or Tracking Url (dynamic version only)
The URL should not be inserted or modified in the creativity.

Click count tracking
Optional: you should provide a click command that tracks the landing page.

Impression count tracking
Optional: you should provide a tracking pixel.
Only tracking pixels with HTTPS protocol will be accepted (all elements of creativity must be recalled in safe mode) and up to a maximum of two. Trackings not complying with the above will be excluded from publication.