This is a new position dedicated to those advertisers who decide to work on the content and want a dedicated “container” which puts them in a special space dedicated to their brand.

The HUB is available for the moment on (see example), and, with the restyling of the site’s home page, it will have an even more effective position.

Access for the reader from the home page will come from a clearly editorial box placed in the first scroll on the right column.

Inside, the page will be customized with logo and colors of the brand and updated with the recurring content that the editorial staff will produce: special articles, insights and video articles, both organic and specific products in support of the campaign in progress. The layout of the page always has a clean and streamlined interface and allows the reader to easily and quickly read the aforementioned contents.

This position is particularly effective for shopping and delivery platforms of services and products that cyclically update with discounts and news; for brands which need a specific position on a target profile and to increase awareness on the target audience.

There are no specific details, just an adequate number of contents to be produced between articles and videos, so that the page appears populated.

Links and tracking

No special tracking is required. In the case of products and shopping, it’s possible to work with a Facebook pixel, when contents are shared on social media channels.