Our goal:  we respect the reader  and satisfy our advertisers

Respect the reader and satisfying the advertisers by daring a little more: this is our philosophy for more than 20 years.

We strongly believe in an “ethical” form of creativity and advertising that can engage the reader without worsening editorial contents. A dedicated team is constantly monitoring and optimizing the performance of ad formats.

We guarantee to the advertiser the respect of the most common KPIs (Viewability, VTR, Brand Safety) with results that can be monitored and certified choosing among the most performing formats and suitable for the customer’s communication objectives between displays, native, video and mobile and AMP formats.

Viewability (VA): >92%
View Through Rate (VTR): >75%

Viewability (VA): >55%

The graphic files must be sent to the email [email protected] 3 days before the start of the advertising campaign in order to carry out performance tests. In case of delay or non-compliance of the files, Netaddiction is not responsible for the delay in the start of the advertising campaign.