The Video Pre-roll format allows you to broadcast on the web advertising campaigns with videos, presented before the content.

It is a video format with a maximum duration of 15 seconds, delivered within our video platform.

By clicking on the video you are redirected to the advertiser’s website.

Optional: the format is available from Netaddiction or through third-party tags.

Technical Specs

Format Video: MP4
Size (px) 1280 x 720
Maximum Weight 10 MB
URL To be provided by the customer
Redirect VAST 3.0 in https


VAST Standard 3.0 and VPAID HTML5 (no VPAID Flash). Only redirect Urls with HTTPS protocol will be accepted (all elements of redirect creativity must be called in safe mode)

If the video is longer than 15 seconds, a button must be provided to allow the ad to be skipped after 5 seconds. This button must be included in the redirect creativity.

Creativity rotation
With the exceptions agreed with the Netaddiction referents, you can choose to rotate creativities associated with the same tag, but only if all of the same duration. Tags that recall multiple creativities of different lengths are not allowed.