The format is particularly suited to the needs of specific industries that rely on video to convey their advertising message, integrating part graphics and part video into a single cross-device creative.

The format is not manageable in redirect.

Technical Specs

Format Static: PNG, JPG, WEBP – Video: MP4
Size (px) For the SKIN size of individual sites, please refer to the downloadable templates.
Maximum Weight Skin 150 KB – Video 15s max 3mb
URL To be provided by the customer

Link or Tracking Url (dynamic version only)
The URL should not be inserted or modified in the creativity.

Click count tracking
Optional: you should provide a click command that tracks the landing page.

Impression count tracking
Optional: you should provide a tracking pixel.
Only tracking pixels with HTTPS protocol will be accepted (all elements of creativity must be recalled in safe mode) and up to a maximum of two. Trackings not complying with the above will be excluded from publication.