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Netaddiction is a digital multimedia company that has been engaged in online publishing, digital content production and web advertising for more than 25 years.

Through the years Netaddiction has become a large publishing group, and has acquired many websites specializing in different areas such as for cinema and streaming video, for geek culture, for food and wine criticism. Netaddiction is also a business partner of the HDnetwork Group, one of the most important digital publishing companies owner of and

In 2021 Netaddiction acquired FidelityHouse, an Interest Network based on an open publishing model, and Vinoclic, the advertising dealer specialized in wine&food, and created the Galaxy Network brand, Netaddiction’s business unit totally dedicated to the programmatic advertising market. For advertising management and sales Netaddiction has an in-house advertising agency, today among the most important in the Italian digital advertising market, which offers clients complete solutions for all visibility needs: from advertising strategy to content creation to content planning.
We create creative campaigns and reach target audiences through a media mix that ranges from programmatic advertising to content & influencer marketing, creating an impact for the brand that persists over time.

Netaddiction reaches every month an audience of 22 million unique users through its Websites and 13 million users through its social channels and represents more than 200 influencers.

From the Web to bookstores, Netaddiction has been present in the print publishing market under the Multiplayer Edizioni label since 2005. Multiplayer Edizioni offers more than 300 books that ranges from videogames novels, science fiction and fantasy. It is currently the Italian publisher of official novels based on Marvel’s superhero universe.

Netaddiction is among the most dynamic and vibrant independent company in the new economy sector.