The interstitial format is currently the largest available space (768×1024) on mobile and desktop (1250×750) to promote your brand. The creative overlay completely covers the site and can be manually closed by the user or preset with a timer (a duration between 3 and 5 seconds is recommended).

This format is particularly suitable for communicating time-limited purchase opportunities, promotions, and commercial offers, or generally for impactful calls to action or the launch day of highly anticipated movies, video games, or tech products.

Note: The format includes a time cap.

Technical Specs

Format GIF, JPG
Size (px) Mobile (768 x 1024) – Desktop (1250 x 750)
Maximum Weight Mobile (100 Kb) – Desktop (150Kb)

Link or Tracking URL (Dynamic Version Only)
The URL should not be inserted or modified in the creativity.

Click Tracking
Optional: provide a click command that tracks the landing page.

Impression Tracking
Optional: provide a tracking pixel. Only HTTPS tracking pixels will be accepted (all elements of the creativity must be called in a secure mode) and up to a maximum of two. Trackers that do not comply with the above will be excluded from publication.