Special formats are graphic works developed in-house and always designed according to the needs of the brand and the products to be promoted on the properties of the publisher. They are distributed on the home page, usable from desktop and mobile.

The creative and IT team of Netaddiction work to get the maximum results from a format that completely interrupts the browsing experience on the site to attract attention and to amaze the readers without annoying them. At the base of good performances there is, in fact, a creative logic made to attract the audience’s interest, and make them interact with the screen.

This format is not served by Adserver, so it is out of any kind of censorship by latest generation Adbloker.

In this page, it is possible to see some examples

Technical Specs

Format Dynamic
Size (px) Fullscreen
Maximum Weight Variable
Notes Processing ranges from a minimum of 3 to a maximum of 5 weeks
URL To be provided
Redirect You should provide the usual tags (doubleclick, eyeblaster, adrime, admotion…)

Links and tracking

Only tracking pixels with HTTPS protocol will be accepted (all elements of creativity must be recalled in safe mode) and up to a maximum of two. Trackings not complying with the above will be excluded from publication.

Click count tracking
Number of views provided by Google Analytics