ADVER.LIVE was born out of a specific market demand: the need for advertisers to impose themselves with agility on one of the fastest growing online realities of recent years, Twitch. ADVER.LIVE is the tool to create and manage advertising campaigns through streamers’ channels.
Netaddiction with ADVER.LIVE offers brands a valid and comprehensive service.


Full campaign planning

Streamer's category selection

Consulting and creative production

Exhaustive final reporting


Thanks to the natural synergy between our proprietary technology and our large roster of creators, we are able to promote countless dynamic overlayer flights through a myriad of live streams directly on the various channels of the most followed influencers on Twitch.

The advertising delivery service does not interrupt the streamer’s show and the users’ attention, is fully automated, attacks the channels of the selected streamers and operates in a totally measurable and monitorable way in order to be able to offer our clients numerical indispensable to the impact evaluation of the service offered.

Finally, ADVER.LIVE, in addition to being declined in video formats, static banners and dynamic formats, also implements ChatBots that operate directly in the chats of the live to bring, to accompany the visuals, supplementary information and traceable links in view of real conversion against specific Call to Action required by the customer.