The interstitial is a type of dynamic and/or interactive advertising message that appears automatically as soon as the user requires a certain page and is programmed for a minimum time equal to that of loading the page itself. After this period (about 6 seconds), the user is given the possibility to close it.

Full Screen Interstitial is the ideal format to capture the attention of the user. When entering an article of the site, the advertising banner is displayed, inclusive of creative dynamics and any original 15-second video-trailer which occupies the entire screen, desktop and mobile, automatically adapting to the resolution of the users’ browser.

Technical Specs

Format Dynamic
Animation No Endless Loop
Size (px) Fullscreen responsive
Video (opzionale) Desktop: 16:9 max 15 sec. – max 3MB
Mobile: 9:16 max 15 sec. – max 2MB
Maximum Weight Desktop: 3.5 MB
Mobile: 2.5 MB
URL To be provided

Links and tracking

Only tracking pixels with HTTPS protocol will be accepted (all elements of creativity must be recalled in safe mode) and up to a maximum of two. Trackings not complying with the above will be excluded from publication.

Click count tracking
Number of views provided by Google Analytics