Where the games are

Multiplayer.it is the first Italian web magazine completely dedicated to gaming and digital entertainment.
The magazine provides articles, videos and reviews for all gaming platforms (PC, console, smartphone and tablet). 
Multiplayer.it is a unique organization to the Italian online panorama thanks to documentaries, in-depth analysis and live streaming and live coverage of the biggest International events.
For years Multiplayer.it has been the Italian web media partner for the most important international digital entertainment trade shows: from Los Angeles, to Colonia, to Tokyo.
Established: February 1999
Unique monthly users (Analytics): 2.000.000
Pages visited: 12.000.000
User profile: 82% male – 72% 18/34 y.o.
Areas of interest: Gaming, Tech, Comics, TV Serie

Information in HD

HDBlog.it is an in-depth research and information portal dedicated to the world of new tech. Its editorial concept is simple and direct and the blog has distinguished itself for being able to keep the public updated on the frenetic evolution of consumer electronics, smartphones and audio-visual entertainment platforms.
Extremely mobile friendly, HDBlog.it always gets through to its diverse readers, from the most demanding geek to the casual user just looking for the best deal on the market.
Unique monthly users (Analytics): 6.000.000
Pages visited: 28.000.000
User profile: 76% male – 54% 25-44 y.o.
Areas of interest: Tech, Geek Culture, Gaming

The magazine aimed at women that follows you everywhere

Bigodino.it is an all-female web-zine, subdivided in many in-depth categories: Lifestyle, Fashion, Wellness, Entertainment, Cooking and Beauty. The site delves into current themes with a different spin than regular news outlets, consistent with new media tendencies of crowdsourced journalism, it informs and entertains a usually young, alert and curious reader. The editorial staff creates a pleasurable reading experience through great attention to the visual and chromatic aspect of the content.
Established: September 2011
Unique monthly users (Analytics): 6.050.000
Pages visited: 27.000.000
User profile: 72% female – 68% 35-44+ y.o.
Areas of interest: Gossip, Fashion, Wellness, Travel, Cooking

Beautiful like a magazine, updated like a blog: social and interactive

Lega Nerd is the point of reference for Italian nerd/geek culture, the first completely crowdsourced editorial platform in Italy. Lega Nerd deals with every news item and subject potentially interesting and intriguing.
Established: March 2009
Unique monthly users (Analytics): 700.000
Pages visited: 1.300.000
User profile: 75% male – 61% 18-34 y.o.
Areas of interest: Science, Cult Movies, Geek Culture, Hobbies

BBQ4All is the biggest Italian community for barbecue fans.

In the last 4 years, it has become the reference point for recipes, blogging, free digital manuals, e-commerce, and classes all over Italy (more than 2,500 degrees obtained in 10 Italian regions) dedicated to the complex art of barbecue. Gianfranco Lo Cascio, a.k.a. the GRILL MASTER, is the founder of this reality, and he is the very soul of the Italian barbecue movement.
Grill & Smoke to Perfection Masterclass is the crowdfunding project that in 2017 collected more than 80K euros for the realization of cult video classes of the BBQ4All University.
The Shop project was born some years ago from the need to make available also in Italy accessories and instruments that at the time were available only abroad, to the extent that the users were only those of thebbqall® forum.
Fortunately, today the bbq market has been developing also in Italy, and many of those things which seemed impossible to find now are much easily found.
Unique users monthly (Analytics): 600.000
Viewed pages: 3.500.000
Social network: 20.000

Nothing is sacred but food

Dissapore.com is a culinary critiquing site, an important point of reference for the Italian culinary industry. Constituted in 2009 and based on the experience of the culinary journalist Massimo Bernardi, the site has established itself as a model for many digital publishers of the sector, getting rapidly into the position of influencing and changing the way we communicate about food. Dissapore’s mission is to explain the stodgy terminology, the contagious fashions and new techniques of the catering and culinary industry, making everything approachable to all readers interested in this world.
Established: 2009
Unique monthly users (Analytics): 2.400.000
Pages visited: 6.000.000
User profile: 54% female –  60% 35-44+ y.o.
Areas of interest: Haute Cuisine, Culinary Critique, Wines, Wine & Food Tourism

Unlimited love for food

iFood.it is a new Web-native publishing entity that gathers in just one site more than 200 food bloggers. The food bloggers’ passion and enthusiasm together with NetAddiction’s digital publishing experience have given life to a new portal and a new network that communicate about food as an experience shared through photography, travel and books. The site’s mission is to convert the writers’ unlimited passion for food in editorial content of excellence. Its strengths lie in the high visual impact, the writers’ professionalism and expert food bloggers with an established follower base.
Established: 2015
User profile: female – 25-44+
Areas of interest: Photography, Travel, Traditional Cuisine, Vegan Cuisine, Social Cooking

Movies, beyond the screen

Movieplayer.it is a web magazine of news on cinema, TV series and home video. The site offers high quality content that range from in-depth columns to gossip, with the right mix of reviews, film critiquing and trivia, supported by high-end video productions. The editors and writers of Movieplayer.it are always in attendance at the most important film events and festivals, both Italian and International. Highly user and mobile friendly, the site produces around 140 news items and 25 videos each week, allowing its users to be updated at every time and everywhere on new movie releases and the coolest TV series programming.
Established: January 2004
Unique monthly users (Analytics): 3.000.000
Pages visited: 6.000.000
User profile: 54% male – 54% 18-34 y.o.
Areas of interest: Cinema, TV Series, Animation, Gossip

Motoring, with an eye to the future

HDMotori.it is a news site with focus on cars and motoring in general. The high definition automotive info brought by Team HD has a modern approach, in step with the times and in touch with the needs of buyers everywhere, always with an eye to the future of tech development. In-depth analysis, comparisons, specifications and events, everything that revolves around the world of motoring in just one magazine.
Unique monthly users (Analytics): 800.000
Pages visited: 1.500.000
User profile: 83% male – 60% 35-44+ y.o.
Areas of interest: Cars, Motorbikes, Motoring

Pioneers of imagination

Multiplayer Edizioni is a publishing house that has been working since 2005 both in print and digital. It started with publishing the Italian editions of the Official Strategy Guides, gaming manuals that it now publishes and distributes in all Europe.
The fiction branch is subdivided in 5 imprints. The catalog reflects a versatile and young editorial line, ranging from Science Fiction to Fantasy, always with original and new titles of high literary quality.
Since 2010 Multiplayer Edizioni has been the Star Wars Expanded Universe reference publisher with official licensing by Lucasfilm – Disney.
Established: 2005
Strategy Guides distributed in Europe: 1.5 million
Units printed a year: 450.000
Fiction titles in the catalog: 160