We work for the love of it

NetAddiction is an Italian digital native network that has now created editorial web content for over twenty years.

Established in 1999 with Multiplayer.it, the first Italian specialized gaming site, at present it is a publisher with a 360 degrees scope that offers its varied content under numerous vertical headers: cinema and entertainment with Movieplayer.it; food and cooking with iFood.it and Dissapore.com; motoring and tech with HD Blog and HD Motori; lifestyle with Bigodino.it and LegaNerd.com.

With the online shop at Multiplayer.com the company has a foothold also in e-commerce, specializing in gaming, cutting-edge tech platforms and gadgetry with a geek target.

In addition to its online publishing presence NetAddiction is found also in physical bookstores through its printing publishing house Multiplayer Edizioni established in 2005. Multiplayer Edizioni pioneered “Videogames to read” in Italy, tie-in and spin-off novels to well known gaming titles, a genre that until then had not been seen in the country, and now has a catalog of more than 150 titles distributed in 5 imprints.

NetAddiction is European leader in the publication of Official Strategy Guides, gaming manuals that it localizes and distributes in four languages.

Another of its online brands was brought to physical bookstores in 2015 with the publication of iFood’s Il Gusto della Terra (The Taste of the Earth) part of a new series of cooking books, it is written by a collective of 113 food bloggers.

NetAddiction avails itself of its internal advertising dealer NetAddiction ADV, that represents all the parts of the editorial group on the advertising market and offers cross media solutions and projects able to satisfy investors from the most varied industries.

NetAddiction  reaches monthly an audience of 23 million unique users and is one of the most dynamic and energetic independent entities of the new economy sector.