Geek heaven s a large virtual shop borne by’s long standing experience in the gaming industry.
At present it is one of the main e-commerce retail outlets for specialized electronic entertainment software and hardware. is also the reference store for gadgets, geek toys and rare action figure collectors, with a loyal and demanding community, mostly male.
Established: 2003
Deliveries per year: 70.000
Product profilese: 1.700.000
Available products in warehouse: 50.000
Newsletter subscribers: 150.000
Social follower: 130.000

Pioneers of imagination

Multiplayer Edizioni is a publishing house that has been working since 2005 both in print and digital. It started with publishing the Italian editions of the Official Strategy Guides, gaming manuals that it now publishes and distributes in all Europe and is at present leader of this niche market. Since 2013 Multiplayer Edizioni produces and localizes the manuals in many countries, including Germany and Spain. The literary catalog includes more than 160 titles between novels and essays, divided in 5 imprints, available in bookshops nationwide through its specialized distributor. 
Since 2010 it has also been the Italian publisher for the Star Wars Expanded Universe; officially licensed by Lucasfilm – Disney, Multiplayer Edizioni has published more than 30 novels.
Established: 2005
Strategy Guides distributed in Europe: 1.5 million
Units printed a year: 450.000
Fiction titles in the catalog: 160
Social Follower: 47.000

Multiplayer Things

Gadgets&Toys is the company’s newest division. Since 2013 it is the exclusive Italian distributor for products in line with its reference audience’s tastes, thanks to professionals with years of experience in the field, Gadgets &Toys is always on the look-out for intriguing new items to introduce to the Italian market.
As an example Gadget &Toys has introduced to Italy Smart Putty, like a Plasticine 2.0, a new generation polymer and a pastime for all ages. As for the Toys category, the company has recently acquired the rights for distribution of the Official Nintendo Mini Action Figures.
The products are distributed to all kind of retailers: bookshops, comic-book shops, toy stores, games and electronics stores, including well known brands of large scale retailers.
Established: 2013
Smart Putty units moved: 40.000 units
Nintendo Action Figures: 100.000 units
Nintendo plushies: 80.000 units