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NetAddiction avails itself of its internal advertising dealer NetAddiction ADV, that represents all the parts of the editorial group on the advertising market. 
The highly prepared staff is able to offer cross media solutions and projects that are the best expression of excellence of the reference sectors’ information outlets, and is able to satisfy partners and investors from the most varied industries.

For some time now Netaddiction Adv has availed itself of the profiling and surveying platform Nugg.ad, that allows identification of targets on the network and reach them with higher rates of success, both in direct retail and promotional campaigns. Integration of modern communication tools with these sophisticated targeting methods allow the creation of projects finely tuned to the customers’ needs.

To guarantee a high engagement rate of the promotional message that still respects the quality of the editorial work, Netaddiction Adv makes use of the most various tools: from native advertising to spread forms, from social media marketing to branded content video solutions.

Netaddiction Adv can count on an total audience of nearly 12 million unique monthly users (Google Analytics – January 2016).

All figures and data are certified through “Audiweb” and shared with the interested partners.  According to the last survey Total Digital Audience in Italy, Netaddiction reaches through all its sites 19% of all active internet users, with an extremely varied target constituency as to areas of interest: tech, consumer electronics, entertainment, gaming, food, cinema and lifestyle.